Here it is……2017 Big Bang

Gateway Affiliates - MLM Gateway affiliate program

I have waited for years for the digital industry to understand relationship marketing is personal not “read my email, now will you join”.  Look I was in sales when I was 14 years of age when Amway first came out.  I had all the ladies in our church buying Amway soap powder – they would go the other way when they saw me 😮  Because the soap was expensive if you used it wrong.  All you had to use per wash was one scoop but ladies back then didn’t believe one scoop would clear their clothes 😮

My point is I’ve been in marketing and sales most of my life in one way or another.  I’ve come to believe what separates the winners from the losers is one has a system and the other doesn’t.

My point is I have put together a system which is unstoppable and unbeatable – First you need a CRM (customer relations management) system.  Many have said the money is in the list but that’s not getting it for me.  Its the management of the list that enable it to turn into money.  Let’s face facts boys and girls, 97% that’s right 97% of the people are not going to buy (right away).  So you need to manage your contacts with them so you can listen to where they’re coming from and give them what they ask for.  The CRM I recommend is

Second you need exposure and that’s where Gateway above comes in!!!  People, how are you going to be able to learn how to earn real money, if your sponsor only earns $75 to $375 a month from his core product company.  Because the only exposure he / she knows about is trying to get people to have a house party.  The more you and your product are seen, the more customer clients you’ll have. Click on the banner above or copy and past this link:  and I’ll stake my reputation on it you’ll be blown away.  You’ll get contacts from people all over the world wanting what you have to offer.  Don’t have anything to offer / product or service, get back to me and as your mentor and coach I can walk you through the process of deciding what you want to offer.

An one more thing very important.  Which is getting your head in line with the universe.  It is for this reason I established the World Learning Institute :   All of us have looked at so much T.V. and had so much misinformation thrown at us, its a wonder we’re all not walking around backwards.

What happens is we lose site of our greatness!!!!  And if you don’t see yourself as being a work of greatness than you certainly can’t see others that way.  Membership in the Institute until January 15th is $9 for six months.  After that it goes up to $19.95.

So do yourself and other a favor for 2017, understand and embrace that you are GREAT and deserve to see your dreams, goals and desire fulfilled.


About David Tate, Veni Vidi Vici

Executive Coach; Teacher, of Accumulative Advantage and "How to win at the Affiliate marketing game"
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