Increase sales volume

I have a small business and I’ve recently incorporated a system that’s giving me a big problem – its causing me to make too many sales.  So I’m forever trying to slow down business volume.  So what I’ve done is packaged it and now have the system for sale, which includes a guarantee of results.  CAN’T BEAT THAT.  Ok, ok, I’ll give you a hint; if I have the ability to send out a million text message to people in a local area about a “Flash Mob Sale”, how many people do you think would respond and purchase during that sale? 1% which is 10,000……..think about it.  The concern is no longer does it work, the question is can you handle 10,000 sales in one day?


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Have You Ever At Sites Like Google…

Have you ever looked at sites like Google or Facebook an asked yourself…“How can they make SO MUCH MONEY when they aren’t even really selling any products”  Well I have the answer and solution:   After 30 years its even better than FB.

It is TIME for all of us to begin moving away from Emotional and Financial illness towards wellness, but you’ll need MONEY!  No matter where you are in the world, it’s “we the people” who care about one another.  Working men and women; those without good paying  jobs, the young people going to college and entrepreneurs who take risks every day and perhaps maxing out their credit cards to make payroll this week.  But there is a solution, its called community!!!!

I’m excited because it’s taken me a lot of years to finally get things right.  And here it is!!!!  Processes, Procedures and Protocols.  I don’t care what condition your life or businesses may be in if you don’t have those three elements incorporated into your life or business model, you’re soon fed up with life and out of business.

I DON’T WANT YOU TO BELIEVE ME, NOR DO I WANT YOU TO TRUST ME.  All I want is an opportunity to earn your trust.  Start by signing on FREE to one of my sites:   But wait!  If you have a pet see:  or maybe you know a nonprofit organization in need of a capital campaign or fund raising program see:   and there are more, are you starting to get my drift?  Sign up again for free at: and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn.





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Dogs and cats are kids too…..

Dogs and cats are kids too…..

Two thirds of Americans live with an animal, stated by the 2011 Harris poll, 90 percent of pet owners consider their pet as a part of their family. Dogs and cats are seen as kids by many people around the world. Dogs and cats are kids as well because their owner or parents if you will take great care of them, look out for them, spend loads of their hard earned money on them, and most importantly love them truly and deeply.
Dogs and cats bond with their owners to the point when they know when something is wrong with them. There are many similarities between Dogs, cats and kids. You can clearly see that these pets inevitably have a connection with their owner, just like human kids inevitably have a connection with their parents. The relationship built between dogs and cats are parallels to the connection felt with kids and their parents, therefore Dogs and cats are kids to their owners. It is scientifically proven that Dogs and kids bond through eye contact.

Kids just like pets are generally hyper and very playful when younger. Dogs and cats are kids too because of the strong bond between them and their family members. Pet owners are very careful about what they are doing with their pets because they truly care about their pets.

Parents are very protective about what their children can and cannot truly care about their children. Parents make sacrifices for both their kids and pets, for example using their time to make them happy. Both kids and pets love to play with their friends. Pets and kids are both very emotional. Both pets and kids do cry, pets just in a different way. Both your pets and your kids start understanding basic commands at a young age. For example when your kid or pet do something wrong and you say

“No!” they gradually learn that “No!” means don’t do it. And for the most part Cats, Dogs, and Kids all get along insanely well, and have a strong bond. One can clearly notice that all of the similarities between your kids and your pets aren’t just a coincidence. Pets are undoubtedly kids.

Cats, Dogs, Children, are all the same. Owners and parents are the same as well. Cats and dogs are children to the owners therefore making them a parent. Dogs and cats are kids too.

Read more and order your pet needs at: www.petkidsfroma2z

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Here it is!!!!!

Here it is David has done it again!!!!  One of his dreams has been to teach but more than that show people the practical Application of what they have learned.  Moreover, his desire has been to teach people how to really earn the money they need to take care of their families.

There are a lot of jobs paying minimum wage and believe it or not some professional may be taking home more but when you really take a good hard look at it, some profession are earning minimum wage.  So the subject matter,  and the ways and means David has put together with the help of persons with like passions.

First of all I want you to look at: and tell me what you see different about that site.  Send your note to: and we’ll get back to you but letting you know when we’re addressed your view point(s).

You see, many people have paid thousands of dollars to learn how to market on line.  But the internet reminds me of the banking and financial systems.  You’re only given so much information.  Sure you May get enough information to keep you coming back but not enough to no longer need them.  Well I’m going to show you and teach you how not to need David Tate and earn a really nice income from marketing on the world wide web.

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With the advent of a Television in living rooms, then soon after another Television in the bedrooms, millions of minds and perceptions both young and old have been bent in a direction which only benefits the “power elite.”  When true perception has been achieved in connection with any person, situation or event, total transfer to everyone and everything is certain.  That which you are being forced fed on a daily basis will no longer be acceptable or palatable.  True perception eradicates manufactured illusions of what appears to be truth.

Truth is sometimes trampled in the dust by those afraid of it but truth always springs up again.  Understand and remember this; you need not believe the ideas presented, you need not accept them, and you need not even welcome them.  Some of them you may resist!  None of this will matter or impede their abilities or decrease efficiency.  Don’t make acceptations “I’ll apply this one but not that one” and no matter your reaction to a given suggestion or idea, use it!

The above has laid It the necessary foundation as a launching pad to enable the work and exercises required to be relevant and meaningful.  However, it is in the doing the work the application of the work that will make the goals of these courses doable along with your goals, dreams, and desires. 

A mind that is not aligned can accomplish nothing meaningful.  It is the purpose of our courses and exercises to assist realignment of your mind with intelligent design.

You will find much of the requirements very simple and achievable and do not require a large amount of time and you can do them just about anywhere.  You can even listen to them in your car. You’ll need no ramp up period.  Think in terms of 90 training days for the first three quadrants of learning. 

Work and exercises are divided most times into two sections; text, and audio, allowing that which has been learned to manifest itself in your daily life.  The first part dealing with the undoing and realignment of the way you see things now, than moving towards and embracing true perception.  Except for reviewing subject matter, each day’s exercises are planed around a power idea and word.  Followed by an explanation of the specific procedures by which the idea and word for the day is to be applied.

The purpose of the text, audio or video materials are to assist in the training of your mind in a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything.  First you will generalize the lessons, so you will understand each of them is equally applicable to everyone and everything.

There are strong suggestions which could be considered rules of engagement and should be observed throughout: a) do all the exercise and written work with great specificity as indicated.  This should help you generalize the ideas involved to every situation which you find yourself; b) don’t decide for yourself there are some people, situations or things to which the ideas are inapplicable.  One of the natures of true perception is it has no limits, which is the opposite of the way you see now.

If interested in visiting our website send a note to: and we’ll be happy to send all the details.






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I don’t join others, others join me.  This may sound like an egotistical statement but it’s not.  At one time I joined lots of MLM’s, Network Marketing, and or Affiliate programs just to be disappointed over and over again.  I’m sure those of you who are reading this understand exactly what I’m talking about.

So after years of “this time it will be better”, and “my sponsor is at the top so we can’t miss” I decided to learn how to start my own affiliate business, click here  designed so that no one who is willing to do the little work required will succeed.  Ya see there is one bottom line truth to all marketing; “IF YOU DON’T MAKE MONEY I DON’T MAKE MONEY”.  That you can take to the bank!  Being in business for myself I cannot afford to package hype!!! 

So I designed my business to teach you how to move on.  Yes I know, people say “the money is in the list”, “you need to maintain customer retention” and so on.  But all of the above is automatic if you have something REAL and USABLE to offer.  I want to teach you how not to need to join some else’s business but how to build your own by teaching others how to build their own business and they move on to do the same.

There are billions of followers and that’s ok.  Everyone can’t be a leader or business owner.  That’s the make-up of the world.  So if you’re a follower my offer is not for you.  However, if you’re tired of joining other people’s business and really want your own as much as you want to breathe.  Then I have the right offer for you.

What’s my offer – The Practical Application of Your Greatness© You will walk with me from start to finish as I build another successful company.  That’s right, from A to Z!!!  You will not only look on as I build, you will also take the action steps to build your own business.  If this sounds interesting to you, allow me to send you a free e-book to begin to turn the light on within your mind.  Because if your mind and spirit are not inline there is always inner confusion.  Moreover, if you’re looking for a quick fix that’s part of the hype doctrine.

But wait!!!  You know you can’t start a successful business with $29.95 or $59.95 or whatever other hype doctrine, dream number others may try to get you to believe.

“Of course, the answer depends on your business model and your chosen industry. However, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation estimated in 2009 that the average cost was just over $30,000. See also: 5 contract jobs you may enjoy”.  See reference links below:

If you set up a local grocery store to rent the store, turn on the lights, order soda, groceries to stock the shelves, get liability insurance and so on would cost thousands.  And that’s just for a local corner grocery store!!!!  So don’t think for a moment that I can teach you how to build a successful online business for $99.95 or some other ridiculous number because it’s not going to happen.  If you’re looking for a cheap pipe dream that’s not me.  If you’re looking for a solid online digital business you and your family can be proud of than we can talk.  For your free e-book contact me at:

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Your Security

Security is most often thought of as having enough money in the bank.  But you can lose every dime in your bank account if you don’t protect your cell phone device.  YOU HAVE BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION, KEEP SAKE PICTURES, HUNDREDS OF CONTACTS………and you’re already infected, but your carrier won’t tell you.

Do you know a CEO of a major security firm made the statement that he believes all of us are infected.  We at David Tate and Associates are not only interested in your physical and spiritual wellness but your financial wellness.

This encryption software technology is an or-sum  fund raising tool for any organization large or small.  Click here to see our testimonial page.

Also if your interested in earning an enormous  income, which is consistent, realistic and residual – contact us at:  with a little information about your background, needs, dreams and desires.

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